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McNaughton & Gunn


McNaughton & Gunn is now part of the CJK Group, Inc. family of companies!

 CJK Group, Inc., parent company to Sheridan, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd., and Tweddle Group, has acquired the assets of McNaughton & Gunn (see press release below)) and has renamed the facility Sheridan Saline.

Over the coming weeks, we will be transitioning the contents of this site to Sheridan.com, where a wealth of services, information, and tools await you that we can offer you as part of the Sheridan family.  Feel free to reach out to your sales or customer service representative with questions.

BRAINERD, MN – CJK Group, Inc. announced that an agreement has been completed to acquire the assets of McNaughton & Gunn in Saline, Michigan. This acquisition will bring additional capacity to Sheridan’s printing operations and will be renamed Sheridan Saline, bringing the number of Sheridan’s print locations across the country to a total of eleven.

Founded in 1975 on the principle that “people make a difference,” McNaughton & Gunn has been continuously producing books for publishers and self-publishers around the world. Many of its original customers print there to this day because the company stayed true to their core value of delivering quality books that meet their customers’ individual needs.

CEO of CJK Group Chris Kurtzman remarked, “McNaughton & Gunn has long held a highly respected place in the print market, building lasting relationships with its clients and setting high standards for environmental stewardship. We see this as a perfect fit with our values and practices and are pleased to welcome the McNaughton & Gunn employees into the Sheridan family.”

Julie McFarland, retiring President of McNaughton & Gunn, whose father was one of the company’s five founding partners, commented, “I am so proud of all that the McNaughton & Gunn team has achieved. I am confident they will continue their success with the support of CJK Group and the combined talent of the Sheridan team.”

CJK Group, Inc. represents one of the largest printing and publishing services organizations in the country, continuing to grow both organically and through acquisitions. At the core of the CJK Group strategy is investment in employees, equipment, technologies, and thoughtful acquisitions that mirror the same principles and values that all CJK Group companies possess.