Michigan pandemic death toll is thousands higher than official counts: “It was six month ago this week that Michigan announced its first death from coronavirus. Since then, the state has tallied 6,632 confirmed deaths from coronavirus and another 320 probable deaths. But the true death toll of the pandemic appears to be thousands of deaths higher, based on ‘excess death’ numbers calculated by the federal Centers for Disease Control. According to death certificates filed to date, Michigan had 56,301 deaths between March and August. That’s 9,117 more than the 47,184 expected deaths based on the 2017-19 averages for those months — a 19% increase in deaths. And that 9,117 number is expected to grow, since not all the death certificates for July and August have been filed yet. Those 9,117 deaths are ‘excess deaths,’ in the parlance of public-health officials, a measure of the true toll of the pandemic in Michigan.” via Mlive