One of M&G’s founders, Jack Briegel reflects upon McNaughton & Gunn’s 45th anniversary #MandGStrong: “I (Jack) retired on June 1, 2001. If you were hired after that date, I did not have the pleasure of working with you. My loss for sure. We took great pride in our award winning growth in the early years and the opportunities that it provided for our team. They were the best of times. Some of the more senior team members may remember ‘McNaughton & Gunn University.’ Bob and I taught a class we titled ‘It seems like only yesterday.’ We attempted to create a dialogue with all team members to express our desire to develop a special workplace where ‘people make the difference.’ We explained the founding of our company, our printing background and our long time personal relationship, dating back to 1952 at Ann Arbor High School. From there each class developed its own agenda. The class became very popular. Stories of the early years were shared and embellished. Believe me, there were some doozies. Bob and I really enjoyed these classes and the opportunity to learn from our team. We faced many challenges through the years and successfully overcame them by working together. Now, McNaughton & Gunn is faced with a different set of problems. Many are market driven that your leaders will guide M&G through. The COVID-19 virus is a far more difficult problem. You must put trust in your leaders and teammates to insure that everyone follows the established procedures to keep everyone safe. I stress the importance of maintaining this COVID-19 free goal. It is critical to everyone, inside and outside of M&G. Please take actions to keep safe!” HAPPY 45th ANNIVERSARY! “It seems like only yesterday.” Jack Briegel Vice President/ manufacturing retired