Thank you to the Millcraft team for the well wishes as McNaughton & Gunn celebrates its 45th anniversary! #MandGStrong “First of all we want to congratulate you on your 45th Anniversary. We have been fortunate enough to work with McNaughton & Gunn for these 45 years. At some point you stopped being a customer and instead became an extension of our business. We view what is right for McNaughton & Gunn as being what is right for Millcraft. The philosophy of how you treat your employees and your suppliers started with Bob McNaughton and continues today through Julie and the rest of the team. Others should look to emulate the culture you have built and understand it’s contribution to M&G’s incredible success and longevity. We can’t express the gratitude we all feel for allowing us to play a part in what you do each and every day. We welcome the challenge and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help McNaughton & Gunn be the very best. We’ve enjoyed being your partner for the first 45 years, and look forward to being your partner well into the future. There is a saying around Millcraft that states if you need anything ‘Just Ask’.” Travis, Julie, Doug, Jim, Dorothy, and Ken