EarthCare Initiatives

EarthCare Initiatives and Green Book Printing

Responsible printing is a core value at McNaughton & Gunn and our commitment to green book printing is a vital part of our culture and everyday practices.  McNaughton & Gunn is in compliance with California’s Prop 65.  You may learn more here.

Every team member is invested in M&G’s award-winning environmental stewardship and is committed to upholding the company’s high standards. Over the years our team members, as well as our customers, began to voice concerns about how our production and that of our industry affects the environment.

We listened.

We did our homework to ensure that we procure materials, engage vendors, and implement policies that support earth-friendly and responsible printing. Today, our paper choices, recycling efforts, and other production practices guarantee that your titles are leaving a smaller footprint on the planet.

As a result of our commitment to protect valuable natural resources, we have garnered the following distinctions:


McNaughton & Gunn possesses FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain-Of-Custody Certification. Books printed on FSC certified paper are eligible to carry the FSC logo, which is used to identify products coming from well-managed forests. Due to the growing awareness and popularity of the FSC logo, McNaughton & Gunn continues to process FSC claims for our customers.  Learn more about why FSC® certification matters here.


1999 – 2022 Certificate of Partnership – in the Community Partners for Clean Streams Program – for promoting business practices that protect local water quality.

1998 – 2022 Waste Knot Award – from the Washtenaw County Public Works Division – for providing leadership in waste reduction and recycling.

2017 Saline Be Green Award – City of Saline Environmental Commission recognized McNaughton & Gunn as one of the 2017 Saline Be Green Award winners, given to residents and businesses who demonstrate a concern for the environment through sustainable practices, recycling, composting, watershed protection, rain gardens, energy conservation, clean energy, or simply doing extra to make our community more environmentally friendly.

1996 – 2016 Michigan Great Printer – First printer in Michigan to be recognized for environmentally friendly practices by the Michigan Great Printers Project, which promotes pollution prevention in the printing industry.

1999 – Washtenaw County Environmental Excellence Award – the county’s highest honor awarded for exceptional leadership in environmental preservation and protection.