PeopleCare Initiatives

With a heightened awareness of the challenging circumstances resulting from and laid bare by the Coronavirus pandemic, McNaughton & Gunn affirms its obligations to all of its constituents as an essential business. We are committed to proactively communicating with all of you and extending our support as we navigate these complexities together. Rest assured that we are taking steps to ensure our service to you remains uninterrupted.


McNaughton & Gunn is committed to and celebrates diversity. We will work to recognize, honor, and listen to the unique voices of our clients, our supplier partners, and our team members. 

McNaughton & Gunn was founded on the principle that people make the difference. We need to care for one another. We are committed to providing a work environment where each member of our team feels safe, included, respected, and valued.

We must do more to understand and hear diverse perspectives – in our workplace and our communities. We will utilize print as our platform to support our customers in sharing their unique stories with the world, strengthening our humanity, and building a greater sense of empathy towards one another.

We will routinely review policies, procedures, and internal structures to eliminate bias. We will be accountable for our actions and our work as we move forward together.


McNaughton & Gunn recognizes our obligations to a number of different constituencies, including M&G team members, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. We make the following pledge to each:

To our M&G team members: We are committed to providing a safe, transparent, and inclusive working environment with fair pay, benefits, and an opportunity for self-improvement and advancement. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere based on personal integrity that encourages trustworthiness, loyalty, equality, compassion, dignity, responsibility, accountability, and respect. We are welcoming of people from all backgrounds on our team, including members of any race, ethnicity, culture, class, orientation, education, age, size, family status, political or religious beliefs, and mental and physical ability.

To our customers: We enthusiastically and creatively make books that allow publishers to deliver their words, thoughts, and ideas to readers. We believe that customers are our priority. We proudly embrace an active role in expanding the number of readers in our world and firmly support the urgent need for inclusive and relevant information in the form of books. We strive to provide excellence in both the manufacturing of our books and the customer service that supports this vital effort.

To our shareholders: As McNaughton & Gunn celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2020, we enthusiastically, profitably, and creatively continue to make books. We seek to produce a fair return on shareholder investment, we seek to enhance shareholder value, and we seek to uphold McNaughton & Gunn’s reputation.

To our suppliers: We are committed to maintaining open and fair business dealings, selecting sources of supply on the basis of quality, price, services offered, and ethical policies.

To our community: We recognize our responsibility to maintain a clean and healthy physical environment. We strive to establish supportive relationships and partnerships with our local communities, schools, and governments.  As a trusted community institution, M&G supports the public good by ensuring an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment.  We will routinely review policies, procedures, and internal structures to eliminate bias. Our expectation is that every McNaughton & Gunn team member and representative will consistently engage in ethical business conduct even if in a given situation it means losing an apparent business opportunity or a reduction in profits.

Responsible printing is a core value at McNaughton & Gunn and our commitment to green book printing is an integral part of our culture and everyday practices. Every team member is invested in M&G’s award-winning environmental stewardship and is committed to upholding the high standards on which our corporate reputation rests. M&G procures materials, engages suppliers, and implements policies that support Earth-friendly responsible printing. Our paper choices, recycling efforts, and other production practices guarantee that your titles are leaving a smaller footprint on the planet. In summary, we believe in being a good corporate citizen and complying with both the spirit and the letter of the law.