Offset Book Printing

Offset Book Printing

Offset book printing works best for customers who:

  • Need larger quantity print runs, lowering the unit cost
  • Require an exact match to a Pantone Matching System (PMS) color for cover or insert
  • Prefer a traditional printing technique
  • Prefer additional paper and cover options
  • Would like a deckle edge or cover flaps

Our offset book printing specifications are:

  • Print runs from 250 to 50,000+
  • Schedules based on specifications and needs
  • 4″x 6″ minimum; 9″x 12″maximum
  • One and two color ink for text
  • Choices in soft and hard bind styles
  • 4-color covers and inserts
  • Coating and finishing options
  • A variety of white and natural papers; FSC* certified papers; Recycled papers
  • Page counts divisible by 8

*FSC: Forest Stewardship Council

To complete your offset book printing order, or for more information, click here. You may find the following video helpful as you think about how you would like your book bound:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact one of our Account Representatives below:

JamieBondie Jamie Bondie , (734)429-8702

Greg Evans , (734)429-8701

Karl Frauhammer , (734)429-8703

Jameson Gibson, (734)429-8700

Eric Karschnick, (734)429-8726

Jim Murphy, (734)429-8704