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Although e-readers and tablets are growing in popularity, studies have shown that reading print books still has its advantages. Aside from enjoying feeling the book paper, touching the cover, and maybe even dog-earing a page or two, studies have found that people often understand and remember text on paper better than on a screen.

Our team of book printing experts can work with you to find the right book paper options for your title so that it looks and feels exactly the way you want it. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact one of our Account Representatives below:

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Our house book paper stocks include a variety of natural (cream colored), white, recycled, and FSC* certified papers. We use paper purchased from vendors who consistently employ sustainable forestry practices and rigorous standards of quality.

Paper Description
50# White Offset Smooth, 512 ppi, FSC Certified
60# White Offset Smooth, 435 ppi, FSC Certified
70# White Offset Smooth, 370 ppi, FSC Certified
50# White Offset Vellum, 476 ppi, FSC Certified
60# White Offset Vellum, 400 ppi, FSC Certified
50# Natural Antique Tradebook, 400 ppi, FSC Certified
50# Natural Eggshell Tradebook, 500 ppi, FSC Certified
55# Natural Antique Tradebook, 360 ppi, FSC Certified
60# Natural Eggshell Tradebook, 420 ppi, FSC Certified
50# Enviro Book White Recycled, 100% PCW, 454 ppi, FSC Certified
55# Enviro Book Natural Recycled, 100% PCW, 416 ppi, FSC Certified
40# Alternative Book Vellum (white), 500 ppi, Not FSC certified
40# Alternative Book Cream, 400 ppi, Not FSC certified
45# Alternative Book Cream, 400 ppi, Not FSC certified
42.5# Equal Offset (white), 534 ppi, Not FSC certified
70# Matte White, 526 ppi, FSC Certified

*FSC: Forest Stewardship Council